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Forged by beauty and born from unyielding necessity, Alondra by Lark & Berry was conceived to meet the high demand for luxury jewellery collections with real gemstones at more accessible price points. Alondra collections offer modern pieces with often edgy twists, fit for everyday wear, or for a special occasion with a touch to inspire awe and conversation. All collections feature the very same never-mined diamonds and stones found in sister brand Lark & Berry’s pieces, with Alondra utilising silver and 18K gold vermeil. This allows jewellery lovers to wear pieces with stones that will shine forever, that are also sustainable and ethical. 

a beautiful biird


The name Alondra holds a lot of special meaning to Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez. Not only does Alondra mean “Lark” in Spanish, but “lark” in English also has the connotation of playfulness. Laura has always been a firm believer that everything we do in life should be spirited and fun. Not only this, Laura also plans some dayname her first daughter Alondra.

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